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3 PORT enters Iskratel’s 4G/5G Partner Ecosystem

Published : 28 February, 2020

Together with Iskratel we established an MVP solution in which we connected a machine in Iskratel’s production line to the cloud via a 4G network.

iskratel-SMIPagent-SMIPcloud-LTEProcess Tracking for Smart Factories MVP solution collects data directly from the machine in the Iskratel product line and via 3 PORT’s LTE gateway (SMIP Agent) displays its status in real time. 3 PORT’s generic SMIPeR cloud solution on the SMIP IoT platform was used to remotely display machine status.

The Minimum Acceptable Product (MVP) is a version of the product that enables the entrepreneur to establish a feedback loop with a minimal amount of effort, resources and development time. It is an immediate value proposition test, with nowhere in the MVP definition saying how much of that value must already be actually provided by technology. A minimally acceptable product is devoid of many functionalities that later prove to be important, but on the other hand, it is significantly more than a prototype that is admired only by engineers and other employees of the company. The concept of a minimally acceptable product is primarily about putting the product in front of customers and measuring their reactions.

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