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Custom development

Software solutions entirely adjusted to user needs.

Business processes

Your partner in the developing solutions and custom programming.

Internet of Things

Smart solutions with smart information platform SMIP.

Desktop GIS

For fields of work, where searching and viewing data and simple entering of new records with the use of the 3MAP system is not sufficient, but require editing of graphic data with specific graphic tools, we mostly use desktop GIS applications based on open source solutions such us Quantum GIS, uDIG …


QGIS (previously known as Quantum GIS) is a cross-platform free and open-source desktop geographic information system (GIS) application that provides data viewing, editing, and analysis.

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uDig is an editor of GIS data and a Java platform for the development of new GIS applications. It was developed taking into account OpenGIS standards for the web, especially Web Mapping Service and Web Feature Service standards.

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