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iLOKI – 1000 information about intended land use on average each month

Published : 24 March, 2011

How many location information documents do you have to issue each month? Would the workload of the municipal office be reduced if citizens immediately received unofficial information from the program?

iLOKI is a web application intended to obtain information about the intended land use.

The service returns the information about the intended land use in the municipality area in real time. The iLOKI application is included on the web portal of the Urban Municipality of Koper among services for citizens; however, it is also used a lot by real-estate agencies and agents. Because the Urban Municipality of Koper also supports the submission of electronic application, the link to the e-application is included also in iLOKI. In this way citizens can upon receiving unofficial information, which in many cases is sufficient as a first information, submit an e-application to obtain an official document with the same data. In the back end system the same program aids employees, preparing for them an entire document, e.g. the Certificate on the intended land use, which is then printed out and authenticated.

This electronic service of the Urban Municipality of Koper for citizens is quite popular and is used regularly; the average number of information transmitted through the portal is little more than 1000 per month in a three year period of time since the introduction of iLOKI in August 2007. Consequently, the office clerks at the Office for the Environment and Space are relieved of workload.


You can find more about iLOKI here…