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Internet of Things

Smart IoT solutions with smart information platform SMIP.

Smart products

Smart products are made up of a group of functionalities that can be tailored to your needs and built into your dedicated IoT software application, which we deploy on our SMIP IoT platform. Dedicated IoT applications are typically intended for end users and allow them to remotely manage and control their devices. With SMART products, the functionality of these products can be extended to meet the needs of different user groups and device administrators.

“Service mode”

SMIP user and role hierarchyIt is intended for faster response and preventive action in case of deviations from expected parameters of devices:

  • It provides your installers and repairers with excellent support tools and provides additional support for them and your end customers.
  • The additional service mode data created by your smart products enables you to analyze and expand your device knowledge base, creating new added value for you and your customers.
  • Your repairers receive additional service alerts and alarms only for the devices assigned to them.
  • Provides informations for faster responsiveness, preventive action and consequently less downtime.
  • Remotely monitoring and managing your devices from anywhere via secure internet connection.
  • Built-in advanced system for managing the multi-level hierarchy of users, roles and work rights.

“Fleet Management”

SMIP Fleet ManagementIt is intended for equipment manufacturers who, in order to provide additional after-sales services, wish to have a documented overview of the condition of the devices sold and to monitor the functioning of their devices worldwide. It is also intended for end-users and local communities that own or operate a large group of identical or different devices and give them a comprehensive overview of the status of these devices:

  • View all your devices in one place.
  • Overview of current operating status (active, inactive, no signal, …).
  • Sending alerts and alarms and, if necessary, weekly and monthly reports to different user groups.
  • Cadastre of installed devices (description and geolocations of installed machines, plants, IoT devices, environmental measuring stations, various sensors, parking lots, billboards, traffic meters, etc).
  • Contact information about maintainers of each device group.
  • Information on recent preventive and curative maintenance interventions.
  • Remotely monitoring and managing your devices from anywhere via secure internet connection.
  • Built-in advanced system for managing the n-level hierarchy of users, roles and permissions to work with the system.

“Mini SCADA systems”

SMIP SCADA for energy managementSCADA (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition) is a common name for systems that are designed to control various technological processes with a computer. There is a plethora of SCADA software on the market that allows you to control and visualize the operation of a device or systems of devices. SCADA systems can already be installed by device manufacturers, but may be added at a later date, which is usually offered by system integrators.

For all SCADA systems, just like all the more sophisticated software, it is necessary to have a team of experts who master this dedicated software.

On the SMIP IoT platform, which is the result of our own development, we have already established several dedicated SCADA systems tailored to our customers’ content requirements and products.

For your devices and with your domain knowledge, we can quickly and efficiently set up a customized SCADA system with the platform SMIP software standard modules. The use of the system (user interface) is platform independent (Windows, Linux, MacOS, …), since the system is accessed through a regular web browser.

Such a SCADA system, together with the SMIP mini IoT platform on the server, can be installed locally with you or can easily be hosted on our SMIP Cloud production platform.


SMART products related to SMIP Cloud Smart Information Platform are being developed under the common brand SMIP Connect.

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