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Internet of Things

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SMIPeR – Machine monitoring system

Vision of 3 PORT d.o.o. is to provide an environment for strategic deployment of Industry 4.0 solutions based on the IoT platform SMIP. Ensuring the gradual digitization of processes with fast and high added value is the key to success.

SMIPer - Machine monitoring system

In each industrial plant, we have groups of high value-added machines and those that represent bottlenecks in the process. In order to reduce costs and increase productivity, we need to ensure that both groups operate continuously and with as little unplanned congestion as possible.

Why choose SMIPeR?

  • Real time monitoring
  • Remote insight (web and mobile solution)
  • Reduction of reaction times in case of congestion
  • Independent parallel system
  • No interference with the machines
  • Quick and easy implementation of the solution
  • No additional infrastructure on site
  • Security and scalability
  • Periodical reports

How does SMIPeR work?


SMIPeR enables all involved in the production process a common place to analyze the situation, respond to errors and to make strategic business decisions. It provides insight into the current state of affairs and the history of machine operation.

Repairs, changes of hardware or software equipment become a controlled process, which enables better and more controlled performance of external or in-house maintenance service .

Daily, weekly and monthly reports provide to the discovery of anomalies and the elimination of the anomalies.

Alarming and informing the persons in charge of the inactivity of the machine reduce the reaction time and the time of restarting the operation.


SMIPeR is one of the products connected with SMIP Cloud Smart Information Platform that we are developing under the common brand SMIP Connect.

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