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4S-SGATE – Digital Gatekeeper, new smart IoT service for Smart Buildings


IoT project 4S logoBusiness goal of the 4S – Smart project Safe | Secure | Spaces project is to offer a quickly adaptable and modularly scalable system of comprehensive security of premises to companies, shopping malls, hospitals, public administration and other centers with a higher turnover of visitors or workers.

The IoT project should offer a variety of digital space security services such as dynamic assignment of digital keys for authorized entrances to different rooms, automatic door opening and closing, monitoring indoor and outdoor air quality, issuing digital serial numbers for people waiting in queues, monitoring of room occupancy and visitor traffic density, triggering warnings and alarms in the case of unauthorized or extraordinary events and, of course, periodically reporting to owners on system statuses and basic operating statistics.

The emergence of the coronavirus and the Covid-19 pandemic has also highlighted the need for additional services. It was necessary to provide protection and eliminate the risk of infection. This was done with services such as performing body temperature measurements, controlling disinfection usage and checking the wearing of masks before entering a protected area.


As part of the 4S project, the SGATE – Digital Gatekeeper was created. Slovenian companies Robotina as a leading partner and companies 3 PORT and VIVIOT participated in the realization of individual digital services (see https://4s-spaces.com/brochure/).

SGATE - Digital GateKeeper - configurable entry protocol (SMIP Agent SMIP Cloud 3-PORT ENG pic1)

The company Robotina, where the idea was born, covered the entire field of hardware, sensors and the establishment of control automation with its own local CyBro 3 device controllers.

With its IoT gateway SMIP Agent, the company 3 PORT has ensured local implementation of control logic and a secure and reliable connection of local controllers to the system monitoring application on the SMIP platform in the cloud.

In SMIP Cloud, a digital twin of the entire system configuration is established. This ensures easy and automated adjustment and updating of the control logic on local controllers. Through the SMIP Agent, all real-time data is available in the SMIP Cloud for each physical device.

This data is read via the SMIP cloud API by the company VIVIOT platform. Viviot has developed an end-user application for the full range of 4S digital services offered.

The modularity of the 4S system has been demonstrated in practice by the fact that due to the emergency situation, we were able to immediately implement SGATE – digital control of the front door with additional functions to eliminate the risk of infection.


SGATE Gatekeeper logoSGATE is the most advanced digital doorman, ensuring that only those who are allowed and as many people as allowed enter the space. It ensures the implementation of the entry protocol and informs and directs staff and visitors as necessary. You can get more information about SGATE in the webinar https://youtu.be/6QT6Nas-Dm4.

CCIS Best innovation silver award 2020All SGATE Gatekeepers are connected to the cloud and interact with each other. The operator has complete control over the system of all digitized gates regardless of physical presence. The system is fully configurable, and functionalities are easily added or removed by selecting digital services.

The complete SGATE solution is one of the digital services for smart buildings. On the occasion of the Innovation Day 2020, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia awarded the Innovative Solution with the Silver Award.

SafeGate - Digital GateKeeper - Robotina, Viviot, 3 PORT

Image source: Catalog of Innovations GZS 2020, https://indd.adobe.com/view/30f8f49e-b348-4004-aa9f-7b674158ffef