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Project e-VRTCI – processing applications for reduced Kindergarten fee



At the end of 2003 the Ministry of Information Society in collaboration with the Office for Local Self-Government (Ministry of Interior) and the Government Centre for Informatics issued notice of a public tender to purchase user licences for an application for electronic operations of municipalities related to ensuring the operation of childcare for all local communities in the Republic of Slovenia (OJ RS, No 91/03, issue No 101925). The public tender was part of the activities to implement the »Strategy of introducing electronic commerce into local communities« (SEPLS).  The purpose of the tender was to purchase already operational applications with the broadest features in the field of childcare, the quality of which was already validated by reference installations.



VRTECWe participated in the invitation to tender with our ZNPV application, one of the purpose back-end applications from the 3OIS group, which is since 2001 used in the Municipality of Koper for the elaboration of decisions for a reduced kindergarten fee (ZNPV).  Due to its features and simple inclusion for use by new municipalities it was selected among many tenderers as the most suitable for further implementation in the form of a centralized web information service.



e-Vrtci (or e-ZNPV) is a web software solution for processing applications by parents for a reduced kindergarten fee. It is intended for office clerks in municipal administration to process applications for reduced kindergarten fees and the elaboration of tax assessment decisions.

In the period from 2005 to August 2011, as part of the “eVRTCI” project, we provided ongoing technical support for the needs of adapting to legal changes and provided user assistance to municipalities using a centrally installed web application for e-commerce of municipalities in the field of childcare.

On 1. 1. 2012 the Exercise of Rights to Public Funds Act (ZUPJS-A) entered into force. It transferred the competence of municipalities for deciding on reduced kindergarten fees (ZNPV) to centres of social work. Electronic support for deciding on the ZNPV is now centrally implemented with their software as part of the state system »e-Social services« at the Ministry of Labour.