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medi_qumulus_logo_light_200MediQumulus is a web service in a cloud. It is based on the Qumulus system and provides entry forms adjusted to the needs of field vendors of medical equipment, medical material, medical preparations and medicines.

It enables sales representatives to view data about the merchandise and the clients with the aid of mobile devices and to carry out orders as if using a computer or through a web application. Additionally, the web application enables a central control and overview of all sales representatives and all accepted orders that the sales representatives have concluded on their visits.

The MediQumulus service runs on the Qumulus system data server (see …). It is one in a wide range of purpose solutions for on-line data acquisition, review and modification on the field with the use of mobile devices through previously prepared smart forms. The Qumulus system enables flexible modification or adjustment of entry forms to actual needs. Re-installation of the mobile application is not required.

MediQumulus/Web, a web application for managing orders, and MediQumulus/Mobile, an application intended for work with mobile devices with the Android system, are available to the user of MediQumulus forms.

The basic functionalities of the Qumulus system are:

  • Items for sale / producers
  • Customers
  • Orders
  • User rights (roles)
  • Initial settings and code lists


qumulus_mobile_100The service is intended for registered users. For additional information about the service, registration or to obtain a trial username and password

write us at  qumulus@3-port.si

or call us on 05-611-7000 for service demonstration or trial.