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The 3MAP GIS viewer module is a tool for the creation of:

  • Location information for the construction of buildings or performance of other works on lands or buildings; and
  • Certificates on the intended land use.

Data is obtained from a spatial database on the basis of an intersection of relevant graphic layers and attribute data.

The same module is also used by the i-LOKI, web application, a public service made available for use to the citizens by the municipality (in large part relieving officials of forwarding information).

The module also uses the VOPI, back-end system for office management, which generates, based on the received application and spatial data, an entirely appropriately formed and addressed outgoing document. Before the final issue of such outgoing document, the official has to only check it or additionally edit its form, if necessary.

With the use of this module the procedures of issuing location information are significantly reduced in terms of time.   The occurrence of human error is also reduced, on the level of an individual official creating the document as well as on the level of the entire office, since other office clerks will not enter different data, which could arise as a consequence of their own judgment or interpretation of graphic supplements of spatial acts, for the same plot when creating a document.