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* VOPI-obvo

Module for notifying citizens about events related to the resolution procedures of their applications

The service automatically informs citizens (clients) in real time about events in the back-end VOPI system related to the resolution procedures of their applications. The notifications could be sent by e-mail or by SMS messages to the agreed address/phone number.

Citizens (clients) can subscribe in person, by written application or through the municipality portal to the free service of real-time notifications about the resolution procedure of their applications in the VOPI back-end system. The client indicates on the application the desired method of notification (electronic address for e-mail and/or mobile phone number for SMS notification). When an event is recorded or a case status is changed in the VOPI system, VOPI-obvo creates and sends to the citizen a relevant automatic notification.

Citizens, who hold a digital certificate, can access their VOPI-obvo settings through the municipality portal and can personally change the notification parameters, such as their e-mail address, mobile phone number and type of events (all events or just key events).

The VOPI back-end system automatically records all “movements” of cases and documents.  These are events that cause the current state to change into a new state. The VOPI system administrator can determine for each movement, which is defined in the table of status transitions, if it is notification-relevant or not, and creates a sample of a short message which is then used by the web service to create the notification message.

The web service was developed in 2003 as part of the project SEPLS-A Notifying citizens about the status of their cases” (project SEPLS-A), co-financed by the Ministry of Information Society and the Urban Municipality of Koper.