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Compensation for the use of building land

NUSZThe NUSZ application covers the field of obtaining source income of the municipality. It is comprised of a user interface and a purpose NUSZ database. A suitable organization of the NUSZ database, the inclusion of official national registers and records, and the integration with the NUSZ spatial data allows the municipality to implement the NUSZ ordinance and the preparation of yearly tax assessment decisions (preparation of files for submission to DURS or preparation of files with already drawn up decisions for submission directly to a printer’s).

At the same time the NUSZ application offers the municipality an excellent support for controlling payers, filtering (non)payers data, filtering disordered data and resolving claims by creating substitute and supplementary decisions. The application also enables the initiation of simulations of various calculations for the payer.


NUSZ bill

To aid the initial establishment of the NUSZ attribute payer database and the equipment level of building land we use spatial data with which we fill the GIS database for the NUSZ application. NUSZ spatial data are prepared in the NUSZ system implementation phase from the municipality’s available spatial data and taking into account the parameters of the municipal ordinance on NUSZ. Users of the NUSZ application can view spatial data used for the initialization with the GIS 3MAP/NUSZ viewer. Users can view spatial data with 3MAP/NUSZ at a later time, when filtering and maintaining data, and resolving client’s claims. Such data organization also enables us to quickly change or update the levels of equipment and calculation parameters of all buildings on the level of a building area, street, settlement, etc. by transforming spatial data in the NUSZ attribute database.

With the implementation of the NUSZ application and database we are able to upgrade additional applications, such as the NUSZ informative calculation – a web service for citizens that municipalities can include in the municipal portal, and various GIS back-end applications for filtering NUSZ data.


… example of a NUSZ informative calculation for citizens

More information at … nusz @ 3-port.si


The application consists of the following modules:

  • Cadastre of buildings;
  • Corrected level of equipment;
  • Payers;
  • Calculation parameters;
  • Data acquisition;
  • Building transitions from undeveloped to developed;
  • Calculation of the level of equipment;
  • Calculation simulations;
  • Calculation analyses;
  • Decisions with archiving;
  • Administrators;
  • Complaints;
  • Tracking of performed elaborations;
  • Coding of taxable persons.