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SMIP Cloud – Smart Information Platform

What is SMIP 2.0?

Smart Information Platform

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SMIP is acronim for  Smart Information Platform. It is a web-based software platform that can connect a variety of smart devices, applications and users. SMIP is designed to simplify the development of software applications for supporting, monitoring and managing a larger number of independent systems of smart devices and greater number of users. Applications share common infrastructure, environment and network elements.


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SMIP 2.0 is a current version of SMIP software. It includes a higher level of cloud computing and edge computing integration, providing secure and smart communication between a local SMIP agent (gateway) to which IoT devices are connected and SMIP cloud.

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What features does it cover?

Devices and web services

  • Allows you to connect and support various devices
  • Quick and easy adding devices of the same type
  • Development, integration and support for various web services
  • The ability to connect to various different services devices


  • Connecting and supporting large number of users
  • Integrated system of traceability (who, whom, when, how)
  • Logging (automatic recording when you create a new instance)
  • Allows users a great deal of autonomy in making their own account, or to add a device or service


  • It allows the management and support for a large amount of data
  • Protection against the intrusion or data loss
  • Integrated tools for import / export, data editing
  • Performance and scalability are guaranteed when using large data sets.


  • Security protocols (SSL, roles, rights, Realm, CAPTCHA, …)
  • Allows you to provide better monitoring of the entire system with regard to:
    • When errors occur
    • Error notification
    • Facilitating research causes of errors

Other comparative advantages

  • Support for a reliable and secure SaaS Cloud Services
  • Advanced Functional support for mobile devices
  • Built-in tools for data processing and reporting
  • Multi linguage support, administrators can add new languages and content translations.


Where can the IoT platform SMIP be used?

SMIP is the software platform upon which applications in different vertical sectors of the Internet of Things can be built:

  • SMART CITY – Urban management, Congestion and movement monitoring, Mobility, …
  • SMART INDUSTRY– Factory line equipment, machine management…
  • SMART METERING – Consumption Management, …
  • SMART HOME – Smart Home Automation, Surveillance, Asset monitoring, …
  • SMART ENERGY – Smart Grids, Hybrid Energy Management Systems, …
  • SMART HEALTHCARE – Telemedicine, Patient monitoring, Remote diagnostics, Activity monitoring, …

and especially in YOUR PROJECTS, connecting and monitoring your your services, products and equipment.


Demo example

DemoPowerIQDemo application graphically shows load management with the hybrid energy management system (HEMS). HEMS combines solar cells, electricity grid and rechargeable battery storage.

Demo was prepared (weather forecast web service, load management planning, timeplots, alarms and warnings) for the system supplier Robotina d.o.o. and is running on real data from the HEMS installed in their company building.

You can visit application (end-user view) here demopiq.smipcloud.com 

(login with demo / demo).

The idea of future SMIP platform was presented at the Intersolar fair, the largest solar industry trade fair in Munich on June 2013. See news …


More about SMIP Cloud

Arhitecture of SMIP platform

Arhitecture of SMIP platform















SMIP platform is being developed under the joint brand SMIP Connect.

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