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Informative calculation of the public utilities charge

The service is used to inform citizens and potential investors about the amount of the public utilities charge to be paid for the connection to the public utility equipment of the municipality.

The calculation is informative, since it does not include eventual investments, exemptions and specifics that may exist in a municipal ordinance or limitations that are conditional on the micro location. The program for the informative calculation takes into account:

  • the investor’s data – construction location (finds a suitable utility equipment area), size of the building plot (if the user does not enter the future surface of the building plot, the existing surface from the digital cadastre shall be taken into account), net surface of the property or type of the building and intended activities;
  • municipal ordinance data – value parameters by individual types of utility equipment for a selected utility equipment area and spatial data of the municipality.
  • public utilities charge area (graphic layers which are annexed to the municipal ordinance)
  • information on investments in individual types of utility equipment for a selected area (summary provided in the municipal ordinance)

The same calculation program is also used by the eKOPR back-end application which supports work by office clerks in preparing a decision taking into account the remaining data (reliefs, limitations).

 Example of iKOPR in practice…

The structure of the iKOPR web application for the support of any municipal ordinance for the public utilities charge is the product of the ESO-MREZA2 research project which was co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund 2009-2010.