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* VOPI-eva

Module for receiving electronic applications in the back-end system

It is intended for municipalities that wish also to receive electronic applications in the back-end system.

EVAs panel for capturing data from electronic forms to VOPI.

Citizens may submit applications in electronic form in two ways:

  • 1evathe municipality connects to the electronic state administration service system where it publishes its applications on the state portal for electronic public administration services – (ESJU),
  • the municipality itself implements the most frequent applications and includes them in their own municipal portal (see more about this service on the page Electronic services for citizens).

In both cases the VOPI-EVA module enables the assumption of data directly into the back-end information system. It enables employees in the main office to review the received electronic applications, to classify them (if this was not already done automatically based on the type of the received electronic form), to connect them with the rest of the citizen’s cases, which are probably already in the VOPI back-end system, and to accept (or reject) e-applications for further processing in the municipal VOPI back-end system.

If the citizen’s e-application was received through the ESJU portal, then VOPI-EVA also returns the mandatory return notifications to the citizen on the ESJU portal. Return messages are automatically generated; it is also possible to write additional messages and notifications that the official can deliver to the citizen on the ESJU portal during the course of a case resolution.

The VOPI-EVA module communicates in the background also with the VOPI-OBVO module for notifying citizens. In this way feedback information is sent directly to the citizen also via SMS messages or e-mail, if he/she is subscribed to this type of service.

1eva-shemaIn 2005 the Urban Municipality of Koper, as one of the pilot municipalities in the EUP-LS state project (electronic administration procedures for local self-government), actively participated in determining the requirements, in establishing and testing, and the first to start using web services of the state portal to exchange e-applications with its back-end office system for office procedures management – VOPI.

Later on, the EUP-LS state portal was closed and substituted by the ESJU portal with new web services for exchanging e-applications with citizens within the HKOM national communication network.