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Development of mobile applications for the Android environment

The need for mobility is on the rise today and will keep on rising in the future. For companies and individuals, who exercise a certain activity for the market, to be mobile means that information, which is very important in their work, is always at hand and that this information can also be updated by themselves, thus keeping their colleagues and/or business partners better informed.

Mobile solutions have to be as user-friendly as possible, simplified due to the limited size of the screens and easily manageable.

We are well aware of all this and more in our company, this is why we are constantly making efforts to meet the needs of our customers by monitoring the modern development trends and user-friendly solutions – in the field of software development as well as in the field of maintenance services which also include user support.

In view of the wide use and popularity of the Android mobile system and the technological and functional possibility to connect with our existing products and solutions as well as many products and solutions of other manufacturers, our company also invests a lot of effort in the preparation of solutions based on this mobile operating system.

The solutions we offer in this field are:

  • creation of purpose mobile applications set according to client’s needs;
  • preparation of simple mobile interfaces (forms) set according to client’s needs (we can prepare them in just a few hours, their price and use are therefore very convenient);
  • counselling and assistance in the procurement of tablet computers or smartphones as part of the services we offer;
  • counselling and assistance in the selection of a suitable mobile data package as part of the services we offer;
  • upgrade of our existing web solutions for document management with fieldwork support;
  • upgrade of the client’s system with the possibility of capturing and processing data with the aid of mobile solutions and web services;
  • other services in agreement with the client.


web and mobile service that enables capturing and collecting different types of data and their import in standard format

qumulus_logo_200Qumulus is a web and mobile service that enables capturing and collecting different types of data and their import in standard format. Data capture is carried out with the aid of previously prepared forms through a web application in the browser or with the use of a purpose mobile application on Android devices. Data are saved in a cloud during each capture and are always available to users.

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medi_qumulus_logo_light_200MediQumulus is a web service in a cloud. It is based on the Qumulus system and provides entry forms adjusted to the needs of field vendors of medical equipment, medical material, medical preparations and medicines.

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