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Elaboration of the public utilities charge assessment

KOPRThe KOPR application offers a comprehensive support to the calculation of public utilities charges, the preparation of the order and the certificate of payment. The calculation is based on parameters which are the consequence of a municipal ordinance, taking into account spatial data according to the status of the infrastructure by areas of the municipal equipment.

KOPR enables the public utilities charge assessment and the preparation of documents within the framework of the VOPI system (procedure and office management). Data related to the case (application, applicant, plots) are transferred from the VOPI system and the created document is transferred to the VOPI system.

KOPR can forward financial data to the municipality’s financial package via an intermediate application for the preparation of charges (underlying documents).

For municipalities that do not use the VOPI office management system we developed an independent back-end application named eKOPR.  With the possibility to directly view the GIS spatial database of public utility charge areas and to view value and other parameters of the municipal ordinance regarding the public utilities charge, taking into account their own investments and exemptions, this system calculates and prepares a tax assessment decision proposal.

The same database used by the eKOPR back-end application is used by the iKOPR web application that can be provided by municipalities to citizens or potential investors in the municipality for a quick informative calculation of the municipal contribution.