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Custom development

Software solutions entirely adjusted to user needs.

Business processes

Your partner in the developing solutions and custom programming.

Internet of Things

Smart solutions with smart information platform SMIP.

Web and mobile

We use our own tools and libraries, which give all applications a uniformed appearance and the same selection of standard functions to work with data. All our web applications operate within the web server environment which ensures control over data access based on the authorization level of each user:

  • 3iOS – 3 PORT Internet Operation System – web server environment for all DocRep applications with one sign-in access.
  • DocRepDocument Repository – tools and libraries for development of web applications in 3iOS,
  • iQplusInternet Query – web application in 3iOS for running data queries.
  • Qumulus Smart Forms for easy data acquisition or verification with use of mobile smart devices (Android) and web application in 3iOS for data processing.