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20101102_3PORT_skeniranje_dokumentov_001Digital repository of spatial documentation

The DAPA web application is intended for viewing digitalized spatial acts and graphic supplements saved in a file system. It enables simple viewing, copying and forwarding project documentation which is otherwise kept in many binders and folders.

logo_dapaAdvantages of the digitalization of the entire spatial documentation are immediate:

  • acts, documents and graphic supplements are all in one place,
  • documents are accessible immediately to all employees with appropriate authorizations,
  • an additionally prepared summary pdf file enables a quick view of the content of the entire project (“summary”),
  • easier viewing of large graphic supplements,
  • easier handover of documents to contractors,
  • data export to various formats,
  • elaboration of annex outlines on scale and of copies,
  • the original documentation is stored and protected against damage.

The DAPA application is an upgrade of our services for the systematic conversion of the existing spatial acts documentation into digital form.

The digitalization services of the spatial project documentation include:

  • documentation assumption (folders, binders, CD, DVD, etc.),
  • overview and inventory of the documentation and the annexed files (dwg, tif, tfw, pdf, doc, …),
  • scanning documents and graphic supplements which are not annexed to the media,
  • conversion of supplements/images (ACAD dwg),
  • geocoding of graphic supplements for display in GIS systems,
  • preparation of previews for large files,
  • preparation of a “summary” for a quick view – joining documents of the entire project into a single PDF document (A4 format, correctly rotated),
  • creation of a tree structure of the entire project documentation in the DAPA with chapters, just as in classic paper form,
  • transfer of documents into the DAPA (description attributes, digitalized documents, PDF overviews, previews, original files from CDs, etc.),
  • establishment of links with the 3MAP GIS system, so that the overview of areas and the access to the selected document in the DAPA is also possible directly from the 3MAP viewer on the graphic layer “Spatial acts areas”.

Users can also view the project documentation in the DAPA application directly from the 3MAP spatial data viewer in two ways:

  • with the tool for information about a selected property – by clicking on a selected location on a layer of spatial acts area you get a list of all acts and projects in that area,
  • with the tool for searching property – by entering the title or part of the title of an act in the field for queries you get a list of results corresponding to the search terms.

Example of searching an act area in the GIS viewer and data display of the selected act:


and switch from the 3MAP GIS viewer to the display of the entire structure and content of the act in the DAPA: