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Custom development

Software solutions entirely adjusted to user needs.

Business processes

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Internet of Things

Smart IoT solutions with smart information platform SMIP.

AVTI Portal

The AVTI system is supported by the web applications iQuery or iQplus, intended for external clients, and by 3Pquery for batch processing and data preparation for other systems at the Port of Koper.

The iQuery application enables the preparation of web forms tailor-made for each individual client, enabling them to log into the web portal and browse in real time data about their cargo travelling through the Car Terminal. Queries can be different views of the current state of cars in storage facilities, views of the cargo movement history, preparation of various lists and reports according to different criteria, and finally the creation of customized, formalized electronic messages adjusted to the client for the electronic exchange of data with the client’s information system. It is accessible to external users through a purpose car terminal portal.

The 3Pquery is a beck-end service intended for processing operating data and the preparation of summary data which it exchanges with the TinO system of the Port of Koper.