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tuta_splash2Flat-rate tourist tax

The application is intended to elaborate a yearly calculation of flat-rate tourist taxes for flats, the owners of which do not have a permanent residence in the municipality, and to prepare yearly tax assessment decisions.

TUTA is a purpose application in the field of obtaining the municipality’s source income. The legal basis for the calculation of the flat-rate tourist tax is in the municipal ordinance which defines the calculation parameters.

The application supports the management of lists of holiday homes or flats (parts of the building), the owners of which do not have a permanent residence in the municipality, and the management of lists of persons obliged to pay or their administrators. With data from the TUTA register we calculate flat-rate tourist taxes and print out decisions. We can prepare a file with data for submission to the printer’s, where decisions are mass printed together with payment orders, or we can ourselves make print-outs of individual decisions or supplementary decisions. Before printing out decisions based on calculations, we also prepare data on charges that are necessary for financial monitoring and data transfer to various financial packages.

The modules are as follows:

  • Parts of buildings;
  • Clients;
  • Decisions;
  • Charges;
  • Addresses of administrators;
  • History of activities.