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ESO – Electronic services for citizens

Electronic services for citizens of the 3OIS system include:

  • machines for the creation of informative calculations – these are usually related to purpose back-end applications in the field of spatial planning
  • electronic applications on the municipal portal and their entry in the VOPI back-end system.

The establishment of a quality back-end system for the support of procedures (back-office) also enables the municipal administration to offer their electronic services to citizens.

In this way the municipal administration enables citizens to access many municipal information and services 24/7. The introduction of e-services for citizens has also direct benefits for the municipal administration itself, as it considerably relieves public officials from many routine tasks and time-restricted procedures of preparing written information on the basis of applications submitted by citizens, especially in the field of spatial planning.


Informative calculation of the public utilities charge

The service is used to inform citizens and potential investors about the amount of the public utilities charge to be paid for the connection to the public utility equipment of the municipality.

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Informative location information

iLOKI is intended for citizens who are interested in location information for a certain plot. Citizens immediately receive an informative answer and they have to submit an application to obtain an official document. The application can be submitted electronically, since the iLOKI web application offers this option after the submission of the first information.

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Informative calculation of the charge for the use of a building ground

iNUSZ returns the specification of the calculation of the charge for the use of a building ground for a selected location, intended purpose and surface.

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Electronic services/e-applications on the municipality portal

The service ESO-vloge is intended for municipalities that wish to enable citizens to submit their applications also in electronic form directly from the municipality’s website or from the common ESJU state portal.

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