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Performance of database queries

Business databases store various data. Users often need additional browsing options and queries in a way that the application intended for the maintenance of such data does not support.

We have developed our own browser iQplus in which we can quickly integrate database queries. Data access rights and the viewing rights level are awarded to each user separately. Clients who use the VOPI system for office management obtain the rights from there.

iQplus is short for »internet query« and is a framework for the implementation of data queries in a given database.

All iQplus applications for database queries consist of four basic elements:

  • Tree of possible queries;
  • Search criteria or additional data filter;
  • List of all results;
  • Detailed view of a chosen result.

The tool enables the data owner to award each individual client or each different group of data users separate rights to view data. Depending on the needs of clients or users different data queries in a database are prepared in advance. By logging in the web application the client (data user) accesses the menu with his/her prepared queries and carries them out. The query results can be statistical, analytical, summary or detailed data which are dynamically displayed to the user on the web page.

General appearance of the iQplus browser

General appearance of the iQplus browser