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Information system for housing fund management

jss_300For the purpose of implementing the housing policy we prepared tools for an efficient management of the housing fund in the form of web services.
The services support key features of managing, obtaining and awarding non-profitable flats, regardless of the organizational form which was chosen by the local community to exercise competence and perform tasks related to the housing fund.


ISS is based on the register of flats and supports various flat management procedures:

  • managing basic flat information: address, position, location, size, construction date, etc.,
  • control over the preservation of the flat and its parts (inventory),
  • managing requests by tenants for flat modifications (renovations, repairs, etc.) and records on performed inspections,
  • investments in the flat and inspection of the flat’s condition,
  • renting the flat (tenancy agreements), managing rental subsidies, calculating rents and entering charges into the financial system,
  • viewing office management data (review of cases where procedures for a selected flat are being managed),
  • viewing the client’s legal sheet (legal procedures related to the client and the flat),
  • viewing the client’s financial sheet (legal procedures related to the client and the flat),
  • managing flat insurance records,
  • managing the reserve housing fund,
  • managing the register of building administrators.


In the field of municipal immovable property management we also prepared the application REON – Register of municipal immovable property to manage immovable property records.

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