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Custom development

Software solutions entirely adjusted to user needs.

Business processes

Your partner in the developing solutions and custom programming.

Internet of Things

Smart solutions with smart information platform SMIP.

Spatial plans and acts

Spatial plans, executive acts, information on intended land use, etc. are displayed on different graphic layers. 3MAP enables queries and searching information and links from the selected plot or area to the searched documents screen or to various supporting applications.

By clicking on a property on the graphic layer we can obtain:

  • the title of the act and basic data on the act from the Register of legal regimes, and view the digitalized act which is also saved in the register (see more about REPR),
  • view the digital repository of the project documentation of the entire project documentation which was the basis for the preparation of the act (see more about DAPA),
  • recall of applications that prepare various forms of location information (Certificate on the intended land use, Location information for the construction of buildings or execution of other works on land or buildings, about the intended land use with conditions of land allotment on building land),
  • an automatic informative calculation of the charge for the use of building land, an informative calculation of the public utilities charge or an application for the elaboration of the public utilities charge assessment, etc.