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Specific applications for municipal administration

Purpose 3IOS applications cover specific needs of individual fields of work of municipal administration.

Characteristic of all purpose applications is that they are based on a common OIS database and they all use the same basic OIS modules. Purpose applications may be data and procedurally connected with a VOPI application, from which they obtain data (e.g. from received applications) and exchange information with it in relation to recording the implementation of the procedure itself (e.g. created outgoing documents).

Certain purpose applications are additionally supported by GIS tools which enable access to databases directly from the 3MAP spatial data browser.


jss_300Information system for housing fund management

For the purpose of implementing the housing policy we prepared tools for an efficient management of the housing fund in the form of web services.
The services support key features of managing, obtaining and awarding non-profitable flats, regardless of the organizational form which was chosen by the local community to exercise competence and perform tasks related to the housing fund.

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KOPRElaboration of the public utilities charge assessment

The KOPR application offers a comprehensive support to the calculation of public utilities charges, the preparation of the order and the certificate of payment. The calculation is based on parameters which are the consequence of a municipal ordinance, taking into account spatial data according to the status of the infrastructure by areas of the municipal equipment.

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Location information

The purpose application LOKI is accessible from the VOPI procedure management system. Based on data from a citizen’s application/claim, from spatial or other data and with the aid of a selected template from a range of samples for the creation of outgoing documents, the system prepares the outgoing document “Location information”. Access to the LOKI application is also possible directly from the 3MAP spatial data viewer.

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NUSZCompensation for the use of building land

The NUSZ application covers the field of obtaining source income of the municipality. It is comprised of a user interface and a purpose NUSZ database. A suitable organization of the NUSZ database, the inclusion of official national registers and records, and the integration with the NUSZ spatial data allows the municipality to implement the NUSZ ordinance and the preparation of yearly tax assessment decisions (preparation of files for submission to DURS or preparation of files with already drawn up decisions for submission directly to a printer’s).

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REGS_PPBusiness premises management

The application enables a comprehensive support to management procedures of business premises owned by the municipality during the property’s entire life cycle (planning, acquisition, maintenance, renting, sale).

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tuta_splash2Flat-rate tourist tax

The application is intended to elaborate a yearly calculation of flat-rate tourist taxes for flats, the owners of which do not have a permanent residence in the municipality, and to prepare yearly tax assessment decisions.

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