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Custom development

Software solutions entirely adjusted to user needs.

Business processes

Your partner in the developing solutions and custom programming.

Internet of Things

Smart solutions with smart information platform SMIP.


0javalogoWe develop web applications on the basis of our own web frameworks. These frameworks allow us to develop purpose applications for geographic information systems (GIS), rich internet applications (RIA), purpose database web browsers and other web applications. 

485-onoracleThe greater part of the development process is performed in Java with which we prepare most of our server services. In some cases Java is also used to develop application clients (in the Java Applet and Java WebStart technologies).

With our own product we also successfully connect different open-source solutions, such as: MapServer, OpenOffice.org, iBatis, MyBatis, iText and similar. Attribute and graphic data is stored and processed in the Oracle 0android-logoand PostgreSQL databases.

Since 1993 we are also partners with the Oracle company. At that time we decided to use the Oracle relational database for data storage in our applications. Several experts using tools such as Oracle Designer, Oracle Developer, Oracle Forms and RDBMS Oracle are involved in the development of applications in the Oracle environment..

In recent years we also developed applications for the Android system.


Technological skills


  • Windows
  • Linux
  • Android
  • Java
  • Oracle
  • PostgreSQL / PostGIS
  • Mapserver
  • Geoserver

Environments and frameworks:

  • Developing applications for the desktop and the Web
    • IDE: Eclipse
    • j2SE desktop: AWT, Swing
    • otherdesktop: SWT, Eclipse plugins
    • Java Applets
    • j2EE Servlets
    • myBatis / iBatis
    • (JPA – Hibernate, EJB, JSP, JSF, …)
    • (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, …), XML, XSLT
    • JAX-RS (RESTful web services)
    • jQuery
    • Infinispan
    • Quartz
    • Android
  • GIS development:
    • Mapserver
    • Geoserver
    • (OpenLayers)
    • PostGIS
    • uDIG
    • GeoTools
    • QuantumGIS
    • GDAL
  • Oracle development
  • System works
    • Linux
    • CVS,
    • Bugzilla (Eclipse Mylyn),
    • CalDAV, Lightning
    • VMWare
    • VirtualBox
    • MediaWiki

 Organisational skills

  • Project Management
  • Analysis and Planning