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Public utilities charge

The independent eKOPR back-end application is intended for electronic support for the creation of the Decision on the public utilities charge issued by the municipal administration.

With a direct view of data in the incoming document (citizen’s application for a selected plot), view of the GIS spatial database of public utility charge areas and view of value and other parameters of the municipal ordinance regarding the public utilities charge, taking into account their own investments and exemptions entered by the official, eKOPR calculates the public utilities charge and creates a suitably formed and addressed income tax assessment.

The official may review, complement or additionally edit the document.

iKOPR is a simplified version of the eKOPR application. iKOPR uses the same database as the eKOPR back-end application (spatial data, data on the municipal ordinance) and is intended for a quick informative calculation of the public utilities charge. The iKOPR spatial data results are the same in term of content, except that iKOPR does not draw up a municipal ordinance; however, it is possible to copy the calculation specification in the ordinance document. Since the application is web-based, municipalities can provide it also through the municipal portal – to citizens or potential investors in the municipality.