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SMIP Sense – Indoor air quality monitoring system

SMIP Sense is a solution for indoor air quality monitoring in real time. SMIP Sense stores data for a longer period of time and performs graphical visualization of measurements on the timeline and generates notifications/alerts in cases where the set limit values are exceeded.

Web application receives data from Sensoria sensors. In addition to monitoring moisture, temperature and air pressure, we consider measurements of radioactive gas radon concentrations to be one of the most important.

At the customer’s request, other sensors can be added to the meter, and the measurements included in the SMIP Sense application, such as concentration of carbon dioxide, oxygen, volatile organic components.

SMIP Sense Dashboard ENG

SMIP Sense app dashboard

Real-Time Radon Concentration Measuring in enclosed Spaces

Radioactive decay

Radioactive decay and radon

The earth’s crust naturally contains radionuclides, from which radon forms during the decay process. The most important is 222Rn (the radon isotope with the longest lifespan); it contributes to almost 90% of the inhaled radiation load.
Radon is classified as a noble gas, is chemically inactive, and percolates from the soil towards the surface. It concentrates in enclosed spaces or exhales into the atmosphere. The concentration of radon in enclosed spaces can reach such high levels that the alpha radiation, during a person’s life-span, causes irreparable lung tissue cell mutations, the consequences of which can also be cancer.

The SMIP Sense app complements the innovative radon monitor developed by Slovenian researchers; it enables real-time recording of radon concentration data and remote access to the data from all of the user’s measuring points via the internet.

For a more detailed description and explanation of the challenge we are solving, see our page MONITORING OF RADON CONCENTRATION under Projects/Sample Projects.


SMIP Sense is one of the products connected with SMIP Cloud Smart Information Platform that we are developing under the common brand SMIP Connect.

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