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1rfinContract management and provision of financial resources

POGO/RFIN enables monitoring a contract or annex to a contract, from the preparation of the first draft to the conclusion of the contractual work. It enables viewing of all contracts in a data warehouse (content part of a contract) and monitoring the contract’s financial part (provision of financial resources).

The POGO/RFIN/Provision of financial resources application is an integral part of a group of applications that together constitute the Municipal information system – OIS.

Because it is built over the OIS system common database, it also enables viewing the public procurement that triggered the procedure, it enables viewing the case to which the procedure is related, and enables overseeing financial work of budget items.

Several offices are included in the entire contract preparation process, in the process of obtaining the consent to the contract/annex and overseeing the contract’s realization process, namely:

  • The office preparing the contract;
  • The financial office reviewing the contract;
  • The mayor’s office signing the contract.