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Innovation Day 2018 Award

Published : 27 September, 2018


Innovationday2018_Silver_pin3 PORT team received a silver award for the innovative IoT SMIP platform. Simon Ražman stepped on stage on behalf of the team.

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Only “IoTified” will survive

Published : 3 April, 2018

SMIP Connect is an umbrella brand name for all SMIP (Smart Information Platforms) products, solutions and services. Company 3 PORT d. o. o. enriched its portfolio of logistics systems, GIS solutions and document systems with IoT solutions (Internet of Things).

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At the excursion in the Škocjan Caves

Published : 27 March, 2018

We were at an interesting professional excursion in the Škocjan Caves, UNESCO world heritage list since 1986, where they presented SCADA system for monitoring various devices and different meters placed in the cave.

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IoT and Cloud Computing

Published : 11 October, 2017

SMIPCLOUD.COM is our solution for the integration of Internet of Things (IoT) and Cloud Computing. What it is and what links this with Smart Cities, you can read in a brief presentation of IoT Expert John Soldatos.

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Cyber ​​Security of the Republic of Slovenia in the light of the increasing number of hacking incursions

Published : 12 July, 2017

On 16 June, the Information Commissioner, the Government Office for the Protection of Classified Information, SI-CERT and the Institute for Corporate Security Studies, organized a public debate entitled “Cyber ​​Security of the Republic of Slovenia in the light of the increasing number of hacking incursions” in the conference room of the National Council of the Republic of Slovenia.

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