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Slovenian company presented the first resting capsule for airports

Published : 1 July, 2019

We could also say “SMIP inside“: The Slovenian start-up company AIRPOD SLO has designed the first smart capsules to enable passengers to relax with anti-stress therapies and privacy for work or entertainment while waiting at transit airports.

AirPod resting nest

(foto courtesy: https://air-pod.io)

The high-tech company Robotina d.o.o. is also involved in the development as a partner, which uses the specific functionalities of our innovative IoT SMIP Platform for a high-tech computer-controlled smart control system for ambient ambient in innovative resting nests at airports (Airport Sleeping Pods or abbreviated AirPod).

The first AirPod prototype was presented at the world premiere in Ljubljana on May 29, 2019. Congratulations!

Learn more about AirPod here: