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Digitization of RR activities in some ZRS institutes


In the Institute for Kinesiology Research and the Institute of Oliveculture, which work within the Science and Research Centre Koper (ZRS Koper) , the crowd of ever new source and processed data is encountered in their research activities. The data are mostly recorded in the form of spreadsheets and kept on local researchers computers. The exchange between participating colleagues on projects is carried out by transferring files by e-mail or via USB keys.

Due to the elimination of bottlenecks in mass data capture, due to the needs of uniform, standardized and safe storage of measurements, and for the purpose of facilitating access to data for all authorized researchers independently of their location, the Insitutes decided to introduce information support to their research processes.


We proposed implementing dedicated solutions with our existing and in practice already introduced web development tools and mobile applications:

(a) On the Docrep digital platform, the Document System “ZRS digital platform” was developed. ZRS Digital platform is an online document system for collecting, storing and processing a variety of data types. It contains a set of solutions, computer programs and back office services, which, depending on the needs and organization of work, are adjusted and modularly composed of a interconnected information system. The system is adapted to the needs of recording and captures measurements through already established and standardized measurement forms as used in the Institute for Kinesiology Research. The system is supported by the search for documents by different criteria and data editing. Especially for further analysis, the export of data was developed, which researchers can compile from any combination of forms covered. Access to data and central control over all allocated user rights is carried out in the 3IOS environment.


(b) On the digital IOT platform SMIP, we have established the “ZRS Smipcloud” application for the capture, storage and visualization of mass measurements and other data for the public service needs in olive trees at the Institute of Oliveculture. These are, for example, measurements of catching flies and fetal attack, data from the agrometeorological network measuring stations and data from automatic irrigation systems prepared by the Slovenian Forestry Institute. Data displays, graphs and tables are planned specifically for the needs of individual tasks in the Institute.



ZRS Digital platform and ZRS Smipcloud are installed on the ZRS web servers. Access to the platform is open to the world and enabled for registered users with secure connections.

In addition to all applicable applied solutions, it may be the most important fact that ZRS Koper has switched with the web information system to a centralized data storage system. This allows them to systematize historical data, implement data security and introduce easy sharing of data between researchers and their external partners. The management of user accounts and their roles is under the supervision of ZRS administrators and enables them to add new users with different rights and levels of access.

On the IOT digital platform SMIP, data sources are automatically refreshed through the online services of the agrometeorological network and the Slovenian forestry institute. Analyzes and statistical processing of always fresh data without manual copying of  data tables is enabled.

The concept of Document Repository solutions through standardized document forms makes it easy to add new types of data in the system that researchers in the institutes will meet in the coming years. The concept is also suitable for introducing support to other processes that take place every day within the ecosystem of the ZRS in other segments of their research activities.